The 5 Spatiotemporal Laws

If we can see the night sky then it is time itself and it the night sky is time itself that means there is life there. This all according to spatiotemporal law. (1st law)

The 2nd spatiotemporal law states that if someone asks, “Does this belong to you?,” you can only state, “previously it was and soon it will be” (though possession is uncalled for).

The 3rd spatiotemporal law is that with each according to their ability, those that are able will keep the dead.

The 4th spatiotemporal law states that vision is time, the distance between objects and the viewer is time itself, happening, creating, living; living time; living time creates; therefore we know life exists beyond what we see.

The 5th spatiotemporal law states that time, ontology, biology and physics are all the same. Deal with it.


Richard J Tilley

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